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I began using Plavida every day in the AM and PM starting in December of 2017.  I am writing this testimonial in June of 2018 as it took 6 months and about one and a half bottles for me to be certain of its effects.What I noticed immediately was Plavida did not cause any harm or irritation to my extremely sensitive skin, so I was willing to continue use although I was unsure of the results. A friend saw me in April and again last night, she asked me if I was using new products because my skin looked so great. She noticed it looked firmer, was more “plump” and overall texture was amazing. I started using Plavida in hopes it would lessen the dark spots I have on my cheeks caused by two laser treatments and then sun exposure. I am happy to say that my spots are indeed lighter and my overall skin texture and thickness has improved rather dramatically. I love how light and odorless it is and that I am able to use it along with my other favorite skincare products. The longer I use Plavida the better my skin looks and feels!

Sara T., San Diego, CA

After using Plavida only a few days I first noticed a significant smoothing and calming of the discolored scaring in my two Mohs procedure scars on my nose bridge, side and septum, and a smoothing of my forehead, dimple wrinkles and upper lip line. A little bit of magic for 71 year old skin! I noticed my frown lines and between the brow grooves are slowly getting more shallow, but the most exciting thing is my irregular, mottled, freckling and micro blood vessels are disappearing so my entire facial color is more uniform. I have had unsolicited and unexpected good feedback by friends just commenting how smooth and clear my skin looks. I never had any skin procedures done and with this, I feel my skin looks years younger without procedure risks.

Sandy M., San Diego, CA


“I recently broke my leg resulting in a 5in scar and 18 staple marks. Plavida was recommended by a friend to try out to reduce scarring. I used it 2 times a day for 30 days. I am so pleased with the results! Almost all the staple marks have disappeared and the scar is very light and smooth that it is practically unnoticeable. After I saw the outcome, I immediately started using it on my face and I love the results already! Plavida’s texture and lack of scent is different, but feels better than most heavy scented creams that usually weigh on my skin. I would recommend Plavida in a heartbeat!”

-Rachel T., San Diego, CA


“In the past month or so, I have gotten more compliments on my skin than I ever have in my life. Go Dave and thank you!”

-D.L.H., San Diego, CA


“My skin feels firmer, smoother, and more even toned.”
-J.A.F., San Diego, CA


“Plavida is an amazing product. People are starting to ask what I’ve been using and it’s fun to tell the story.”

-S.S., Houston, TX


“I really like it! I do think it’s improved the texture and lines on my face. It’s very dry here right now (as it is most winters) so it’s a good test because it’s difficult to keep the skin hydrated and many women I know complain about their skin at this time of year. At first I had to get used to the texture and lack of scent because I’m so used to products being creamy and often heavily scented. But I like the fact that it’s just very straight forward, nothing fancy. It feels like it’s something new and different.”

-H.K., Calgary, Canada


“I saw an old friend this weekend who I haven’t seen in awhile and she asked me what I was doing for my skin, said I looked younger!”

-N.S., Providence, RI